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How To Find The Best Singing Bowl


Singing bowls originated from Tibet some four thousand years ago. The Tibetan monks are said to have been the secret users of these singing bowls. In fact, Shamans practiced the use of singing bowls even before the Buddhists.


It has been proven beyond doubt that mind and body can be affected by intense vibration and sound of Silver Sky Imports singing bowls. The sound that emanates from these bowls causes relaxation thus easing up our mind and body. You get to concentrate deeper within yourself. You can achieve this by massaging your body using vibrating healing bowls.


The singing bowls at silverskyimports.com are manufactured in Nepal and India and are made of three to five metals. What's more, you can find bowls that are made of seven metals, and these are particularly high-quality ones. Singing bowls are usually hand-made - you will not find similar healing bowls.


When buying singing bowls, you need to be careful when choosing them. You deserve a high-quality healing bowl. You need to take your time to evaluate the bowls and go for the one you like. You need a bowl that will accomplish the healing objectives that you have. It has to aid your meditation. 


At times, you may have to use the brick and mortar to test the sound that it generates before you make your final decision. The singing bowls are played using a thick wooden stick that is covered with soft leather on one end. You may choose to strike a bowl or rub the edge with your wooden striker to get your ringing, resonant tones that vibrate for an extended period. Ideally, when struck, the sound ought to resonate for few minutes producing several layers of tones. And more importantly, the note needs to be splendid and concentrated. Such a sound should touch your heart and impress you to cause the relaxation from within thus bringing about healing in your mind and body. You can also use the vibration to heal the ailing body parts - the vibration frequency of the sound places your mind at ease.


When procuring these great healing products online, you need to ensure that you look at the audio clips of the singing bowls that are on display. A good store needs to have an audio clip for each singing bowl on sale - and that is how you are going to check the quality before you are ready to make your purchases. You need to decide the size of the bowl that you need. If you prefer high pitch, you need to buy smaller singing bowls.


You also need to look at the number of metals that were used to make the singing bowls. It might be hard, but you can always tell the difference in the richness of vibration and sound.